Education Evaluation & Action

Our Approach and Philosophy

EEVALA is an independent evaluation firm with success working with educators from across the United States. We provide educators authentic, theory-driven evaluation and consulting services that promote system change and improvement.
We are not the experts of your programs. We are facilitators, helping you understand your programs more fully. One of the most important services we provide to our clients is to map out their theory of action through logic modeling. Often changes to programs are made through this process, as educators find a disconnect between their own methods and goals. 
We constantly refocus our own work to align to the evolving informational needs of our clients. As programs are implemented new issues invariably arise. Our consultants ensure that the questions we are asking in our evaluations are the most salient to our clients now. We have a strong history of working collaboratively with school districts, state education agencies, community organizations, non-profits, and universities.
We adhere to a Utilization-Focus in our work. We define our success by how much our partners are able to use what we learn to inform their decision-making. The methods we bring to our work are specific to the questions relevant to our partners. We help our partners select the most appropriate methods for addressing their informational needs. 
EEVALA has expertise and experience using a wide range of evaluation and research designs to address the informational and support needs of educators.These include experimental, quasi-experimental, and theory-driven approaches. Within any one evaluation project, multiple qualitative and quantitative methods are used. By utilizing a mixed-methods approach to evaluation, we are able to provide our clients with a broad understanding of their programs and how to make them more effective.


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